Why hire an electrician to install your appliances

Installing appliances may seem simple for some homeowners. After all, what can go wrong right? But the truth of the matter is, professional electrician installation is required especially for appliances with higher wattage.

In San Diego, residents are encouraged to seek the services of a licensed electrician in installing home appliances, and when pulling out and dismantling them. Electricians have the training, safety tools and equipment, and the expertise to handle all the safe installation of these devices for the safety of the whole household. 


DIY appliance installation versus electrician installed

While some households would seem lucky to get away with self-installation, making their devices work does not eliminate the safety risks of what they have done. Incorrect installation of appliances can lead to overheating wiring systems, that could damage circuits and spark an electrical fire. In San Diego, electrical fires are one of the causes of home and commercial property fires. 

Moreover, the self-installation of some home appliances is not warranted by the law. Certain appliances require licensed electrician installation. Such also applies to pull-out and dismantling. Some of these appliances include:

  1. Washing machine and dryers
  2. Dishwashers
  3. Freezers of any size
  4. Refrigerators of any size
  5. Air Conditioning Systems of any type
  6. Home heating equipment of any type
  7. Ovens, stovetops, and range hoods
  8. Garbage disposals and trash compactors
  9. Ceiling fans and exhaust fans


Safety first in installing appliances

Safe installation is the foremost reason for seeking licensed electrician assistance. Professional electricians have the expertise in safely installing appliances. Besides, some appliances need dedicated electrical circuits, that only a licensed San Diego electrician can install. 

The safe installation also ensures that should anything go wrong with the appliance or the house itself, the insurance company can cover the item. Self-installing appliances can lead to the refusal of insurance companies to cover damages if and when an accident occurs. 

Professional installation also assures the owner, and prospective home buyers when the time comes, that the property’s electrical system and components are all installed following the guidelines of the National Electrical Code.  

Where to find a reputable electrician

The best way to find a reputable electrician is by asking for a recommendation from a trusted neighbor or relative. A recommendation reduces the leg work of any homeowner in verifying the work ethics of the electrician. All he needs to do is to double-check whether the electrician is licensed by the Contractors State License Board and if that license is still valid. The same goes with the insurance policy, the homeowner must double-check whether the installation work is covered within the policy enforcement period.


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